I’m delighted to be participating in Lori’s come-back BSBP ‘Bead Hoarders’ blog hop. I was partnered with the lovely Jackie Ryan from KYDO Jewellery in the UK.  Jackie says she can’t recall where she purchased this focal bead from, but it was a US based flamework bead artist, and the gold foil is 24 ct. If anyone […]

In my first year of the Bead Journal Project I focused on Goddess dolls, and last year I designed sweet little birds. This year, rather than choosing one shape or style I plan to focus on art that inspires me.

For the latest Bead Soup Blog Party I was partnered with fellow Australian Ren (aka Erin) Guest. Interestingly, we both like designing eclectic pieces and are big fans of ceramic bead artist Natalie Fletcher from Peruzi. So, it was hardly surprising that we sent each other some of our favourite Peruzi beads and focals.  Here’s […]

In recognition of St Patrick’s Day and to celebrate the ‘luck of the Irish’, this month’s Bead Journal Project birdie is bead embroidered in various shades of green. MARCH is for: good luck and good fortune.

Worked entirely in Size 15 Miyuki seed beads, this month’s Bead Journal Project bird is a warm combination of pinks and reds. FEBRUARY is for: family and friends, loving life.

For their first challenge of 2014, the OTTBS group are challenging members to create something inspired by a famous painting. Inspired by ‘Starry Night’ I have created a simple cabochon necklace.

This year I’m once again participating in Robin Atkin’s Bead Journal Project. Each month, I’ll bead embroider a bird shape to represent what’s going on in my life or what I’m thinking about or inspired by at that point in time. JANUARY: long hot summer days, endless sunshine, sandy beaches, blue skies, ocean waves and swimming pools.

My final goddess in this year’s Bead Journal Project is a Christmas Angel, named ‘Angel’.

My beaded goddess for November is inspired by steampunk fashions and is named Steampunk Sally.

My beaded goddess for October is named Violet, she is named after the violet coloured flowers in our garden and purple Jacaranda trees currently in bloom along the streets.