ABS Challenge – March 2012

March’s Art Bead Scene Challenge is a painting of a street scene in Montmartre, Paris by impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. The colours that stood out for me initially in this colour palette were the reds and blues of the French flag, and the additional use of red and blue in the windmills. The couple walking arm in arm left of centre in this painting also suggest to me, romance and a young couple in love.

Street Scene in Montmartre: Le Moulin a Poivre by Vincent Van Gogh
Paris: February-March, 1887
My design for this challenge focuses on the red and blue colour palette. The focal beads in this necklace are  handmade Peruzi clay beads with impressionist splodges (I’m sure there’s a more technical term) of blue/grey/white. The transparent glass heart has a red centre and symbolises the romance of this street scene and the young couple. I’ve used copper accents and findings to convey the rustic warmth of this painting and have strung this design on copper-red beading wire. Denim blue spacers separate the clay beads, and the blue and red seed beads are symbolic of the french flag.
You can view all of the entries in the March Art Bead Scene Challenge on the Flick group page.

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