ABS Challenge – April 2012

This month’s challenge on the Art Bead Scene blog is a Pre-Raphaelite style painting by John William Waterhouse which depicts a young girl in a windswept landscape. Called ‘Boreas’ after the north wind in Greek mythology, the subject was described in the Royal Academy notes (1904) as: “In wind-blown draperies of slate-colour and blue, a girl passes through a spring landscape accented by pink blossom and daffodils”.

Boreas by John William Waterhouse, 1903

My bracelet design for this challenge includes the three predominant colours in the painting – deep blue, slate grey and green. I have focused on the strong sense of movement and texture through my choice of beads, use of wire-wrapping and the inclusion of jump ring feature clusters. The green floral focal by Peruzi represents the floral landscape and windswept grasses in the background. The circular pattern on the fabric of the young girl’s dress and its movement against the strong wind is seen in the jump rings threaded with steel blue seed beads and the oval shaped deep blue firepolished beads.

 Close Ups:



  1. This bracelet is just beautiful! I love the jump rings with the seed beads. It’s the perfect balance between simple and fussy, something I have a hard time with. very nice!

  2. Great flow to this piece! That little bit of wire -wrapping on the round, gray bead just guides the eye along perfectly. I loved that pattern on her dress, but couldn’t find a way to incorporate it into my design. You did a wonderful job doing that with the seed beads. I, too, will be back to see your future works!

  3. Oh yes! This fits not only the look, but the feel of the painting! Wonderful colors, textures, and movement! What a beautiful, wonderful, piece!

  4. Teresa Sitz · · Reply

    Wow! Brilliant. Inspiring. A new stop on my daily Internet jog.

    1. I agree! I am glad I came across your blog as well!

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