ABS Challenge – June 2012

Nighthawks, which portrays people sitting in a downtown diner late at night is Edward Hopper’s most famous work and is considered one of the most recognisable paintings in American art. It seems appropriate therefore, that it is the inspiration for this month’s ABS Challenge.

Nighthawks (1942) by Edward Hopper

The predominantly dark colour palette, night-time setting and emptiness of the diner creates an initial impression of loneliness and solitude, although a few elements brighten up the scene – the woman wearing the red dress and the sunshine yellow door on the back wall.

My earring design for this month’s challenge focuses on the shades of green from deep dark forest to the moss yellow/green. I have used brass earwires and findings to add a hint of warmth and the embossed brass rectangles are symbolic of the door, and it’s window through to the kitchen.



  1. These are happy earrings! That brass section really makes them sing.

  2. I love that you picked such a tiny piece from the painting – the window on the door – as the main design element in your earrings. It’s always so much fun to see where the inspiration takes everyone each month

    1. Thanks Heather, for some reason I was drawn to that little window.

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