ABS Challenge – July 2012

This month’s Art Bead Scene Challenge is Picasso’s Two Acrobats with a Dog, a beautiful, peaceful painting which uses multiple shades of blue, but also includes touches of rosy pink, golden browns, grey and sunny yellow.

Two Acrobats with a dog
Pablo Picasso, 1905

There were two things that initially caught my eye in this painting, first the colourful diamond pattern on the adult acrobat’s costume, and second, the boy’s face – so serious yet serene.  I’ve therefore chosen to focus on these elements rather than the overwhelmingly blue colour scheme.


My necklace design features a serene looking sculpted face cabochon art bead from Natalie Fletcher, which is attached to a filigree square and embellished with seed beads in gold, bronze and pale pink, and pale blue pinch beads. The brass peanut link chain showcases some stunning vintage Czech rounded rectangle beads with a pattern that  immediately reminded me of the acrobat’s tights. These beads are interesting in that they are pale blue on one side and a warm topaz brown / olive green colour on the other side.  The necklace also includes faceted pink turquoise beaded beads, brass beads, bronze faceted fire polished beads and mushroom brown lampwork beads.

This was an enjoyable design to make, thanks to Art Bead Scene’s editors for this month’s art inspiration..



  1. apolymerpenchant · · Reply

    You saw serene… I saw more listless, sickly even but considering global genes I didn’t want to focus on that. But serene you nailed! all those soft tones are beautiful

    1. I tried to focus on the bright side for this challenge! :)tstillman@optusnet.com.

  2. What a gorgeous piece! Honestly, I found the inspiration painting a little less serene and more creepy…haaaaaaaaa Your design definitely captured the non-creepy. 🙂 Those Czech glass finds are perfect!

    1. Thanks Jen…I missed the ‘creepy’ undertones entirely and was definitely focused on the bright side, lol. 🙂

  3. I’m in awe of how you let Picasso’s painting command the design and yet came up with such a unique statement. The colors and materials you chose just sing!!

    1. Thanks Karin, appreciate your comments. I was really inspired by this month’s art choice – just love Picasso’s work.

  4. Fabulous bead choices. Beautiful piece.

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