Vintaj ‘Dragonfly Pool’ Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve entered Vintaj’s Monthly Design Challenge, but I was enticed by the “Dragonfly Pool” theme. My inspiration came from the majestic beauty of the dragonfly and the below poem:

“And forth on floating gauze, no jewelled queen,
So rich the green-eyed dragonflies would break
And hover on the flowers – aerial things;
With little rainbows flickering on their wings.”
~ Jean Ingelow

Here’s my bracelet design, as it would look being worn:


And here’s the laid flat version, where you can see the detail of the five square brass pieces:


Starting with five blank brass squares, I have embossed the central squares with a dragonfly design; the outer two squares are embossed with a lotus flower design which gives the dragonflies a flower to hover over and land upon. I’ve applied a unique patina finish to each brass square, in a pattern, which represents the iridescent colours of the dragonfly wings. From end to end, I have attempted to convey a rainbow colour effect. The squares are connected with brass jump rings, and the bracelet is finished with a Vintaj brass hook and eye clasp.


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  1. jny_jeanpretty · · Reply

    love this!

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