Bead Soup Reveal ~ who stole my clasp?

Today is the day ~ it’s time to reveal our bead soup creations. My partner is Tania Hagen from New Zealand, and here’s the soup mix she sent me:

The focal lampwork bead is handmade by New Zealand artist Bobbie Pene, gorgeous isn’t it?  What I found challenging was deciding how best to incorporate it within my necklace design without detracting from its beauty. I tried working with the seed beads, but they threatened to steal the limelight from the focal…so after much experimentation I opted to keep it simple and infinitely wearable. I’ve highlighted the focal with sterling silver beads and hung the pendant from a black and silver strung necklace…. black agate beads in sizes 4mm to 10mm strung in a wave pattern and with a sterling silver round in between each ‘wave’.

BSBP-August 2012-focal

Bead Soup Necklace, lampwork bead by Bobbie Pene

You’ll notice that the first photo of my Bead Soup Necklace doesn’t show the clasp…that’s because there is a Heart Shaped Toggle Clasp THIEF in my house and I’ve had to temporarily substitute it with a plain lobster clasp.  That’s what happens when you get distracted and leave your bead soup unattended on the table for a few moments…with four kittens in the house.

BSBP-August 2012-Heart Clasp Bad Kitty

Bead Soup Necklace, minus the Heart Shaped Toggle Clasp

These are the SUSPECTS: otherwise known as my beading helpers...

Top row: Charlie (left) likes to play ‘Words with Friends’. Quite possibly the brains behind the operation. Max (right) enjoys a beer or two, and was most likely ‘under the influence’ at the time.  Bottom row: Ava (left) has been looking for a clasp to finish her necklace for some time… Amber (right) the baby of the family at six months old; firmly believes that possession is 9/10ths of the law.

So, who do you think did it? Was it Charlie, Max, Ava or Amber who stole my clasp?

Back to the beads and my soup… I also made a pair of brass embossed earrings, with a blue patina and using a selection of the freshwater pearls, seedies and crystal beads. These are so light and have a lovely summery feel to them, I really like how they’ve turned out.


To check out all the participants in the third reveal of the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party head on over to Lori’s blog for the complete list.



  1. christine · · Reply

    Beautiful pieces!! I hope the clasp shows up someday….somehow – my vote goes to the youngster, Amber. I know when something goes missing on my table, it’s all my fault – no animals, just lots of boys completely uninterested in jewelry 😉

  2. Hee hee, did your kitties ever confess to the clasp-theft? Love the necklace, shows off that gorgeous blue focal so well!

    1. Thanks Melissa – nope, am still to figure out who’s the guilty one…I did pull out the fridge last weekend although all I found was 16 hair ties, 7 ping pong balls and a few other cat toys.. no clasp unfortunately. They must have another hiding place 🙂

  3. Must have been max..looks like he was into the beer and the catnip..What a gorgeous focal… your photos are fabulous Love the ear rings!!

  4. Gorgeous necklace… and the kitties are adorable. They can come and eat my clasps if they want. ;P

    1. Which kitty do you want Fen? They got into my sari silk yesterday, aargghh!! Of course, I’m only joking, I love them all to bits, despite their occasional mischief…

  5. I have just been blown away by this round of beauties! Love the wave to the necklace…and you can’t possibly blame those sweet kitties…you surely just misplaced the clasp…LOL The earrings are great!

    1. Those cute kitty faces are deceiving Marti…LOL

  6. Great job with that awesome focal, nice work, hope you find the clasp!

  7. hahaha – great post!

  8. Your story is delightful and your pieces are divine,Thank you for the laughs as I went.Love and hugs Tanya

  9. i love how you created the necklace, it fits perfect to the focal and the matching earrings are superbe! great job!

  10. Marianne Baxter · · Reply

    Great Job. Like the wave design.Beautiful focal

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