Challenge of Travel – USA

This month I accepted the challenge set by Erin of Tesori Trovati Jewelry and joined in the Challenge of Travel Blog Hop. First up, we had to decide on a region – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceania with the only rule being that you couldn’t choose the region where you live – living in Australia; Oceania was out for me. I choose Americas. Why? Because, I figured that not many other people would or could (if they live in that region). From here, I  originally intended to pick one of the South American countries, but after giving it a little more thought I chose the USA.

In 2010, I spent a few weeks in the USA including time in the SouthWest where I fell in love with the predominantly coral red and turquoise colour palette and gained an appreciation for Native American history and art.  I saw (and drooled over) many exquisite pieces of beadwork (both jewellery and clothing items) which were clearly a labour of love for the artists. I’m drawn to the simplicity yet striking beauty of the Native American art style and the geometric shapes and precision of their designs.

A simple beadwork Rose, yet so beautiful

Inspired by the turquoise and coral red colour palette of the SouthWest USA and the Native American style, I’ve designed a fringe necklace. It includes sterling silver beads, seed beads in turquoise, red, silver and black and turquoise chips. It is strung on waxed lined cord and finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Challenge of Travel-600x600

To view the full list of participants in the Challenge of Travel Blog Hop go to Erin’s Treasures Found blog.



  1. The necklace you created is gorgeous; a beautiful tribute to the southwest and America! That part of the country is amazing, the landscape had me in awe every day! I spent 4 weeks traveling the four corners of the southwest (where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado meet) for a photography course I took in college in 1999. I would like to visit that area again someday with my husband, who has never been there.

    Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I’d love to go back again someday too – the scenery is truly spectacular and the people so very friendly.

  2. Monique U · · Reply

    Tracy, your necklace design is a beautiful retelling of the classic colours of the American South-west. Those organic turquoise shapes are great contrast to the tiny smooth seed beads. This is a part of the U.S. I would love to visit someday. Though I live in Canada, I’ve had few occasions to explore our great neighbour to the south.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for reopening my eyes to the Southwest part of the USA and the Native Americans in that region. I live in the States, but in the Southeastern part. I love the necklace that you created to represent that region of the USA and the Native Americans that live there. Beautiful!!

  4. Oh how perfect, it definately looks like the US south-west to me. I bet it is so much fun to wear

  5. Love your fringe necklace. Very successful.

  6. Beautiful necklace, must look fabulous on!

  7. Beautiful Tracy and for not living in the US you really did a great job capturing the native american feel!

    1. Thanks Sue… I love the Native American look and am keen to try a few more designs (I just need more time in the day)…

  8. Growing up my father hunted for arrowheads and us girls would sometimes tag along. He taught us about the Native Americans instilled in us an appreciation for their culture. Your piece is gorgeous, and so fitting for the region you chose.

    1. Alice, that would have been interesting hunting for arrowheads as a child, so much history in every find…

  9. My daughter and I really enjoyed seeing your finished piece! Beautiful! Would like to know the ‘how’ of it…I’ve not done much seed bead work, as my vision isn’t the best…but would enjoy the challenge of recreating such a lovely necklace…!

    1. Am glad you and your daughter enjoyed the hop and my native american design… I didn’t have a pattern as such, just sketched it out to decide how many fringes I wanted and then strung up and down. It was great fun to make although did take a few hours…

  10. Very lovely necklace and interesting post!~~~

  11. A beautiful Native American style necklace – love the fringe!

  12. You caught the southwest vibe perfectly! Great necklace.

  13. Love your necklace.. It really does capture the Native American culture. great job.

  14. Beautiful detail in your necklace!

  15. That necklace is cooool! And the color combo is just great!

  16. Lovely work. I think you represented us Americans very well. Light and airy while still making a strong statement- beautiful!

  17. Miss Tracy, I am so glad that you joined me on the journey and especially that you chose the US! This is the perfect southwest US accessory! The colors, the fringe are lovely. Enjoy the day! Erin

  18. Well done! You have captured the palette perfectly. The necklace looks fun to wear, movement in the dangles. If you ever Do visit the Southwest – be strong! Your will develop a longing for turquoise that will never leave you! ( My sister has lived in Albuquerque NM for 20 years… I speak from experience. )

    1. It’s too late Jenny, I’ve already been there and I’m in love with turquoise…

  19. The necklace is beautiful and the colors are just perfect.

  20. With Native American roots of my own, I have always loved the southwest styles and colors. You did a fabulous job with this necklace.

  21. Nice piece. Love the Southwest color combo – one of my favs.

  22. Living in the United States, the Southwest is one region I have not had the pleasure of visiting – but I will! Your necklace is stunning and I love the use of turquoise!

  23. Fabulous necklace Tracy, you have really captured that Southwestern vibe!

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