ABS Challenge – September 2012

September’s Art Bead Scene Challenge inspiration is one of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s most famous paintings, “Flora”.  Arcimboldo was an Italian Renaissance artist, known for his intricate paintings, which often combined inanimate objects into a portrait, such as in “Flora” ~ a portrait composed of flowers and leaves.

Flora by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1588
I really like the floral theme and the detail within this painting, the more you look at it, it seems the more you see. I was also drawn to the warm autumn colours and the surrounding soft pinks and browns.
My design focuses on the  floral theme and the warm autumn colour palette. The gently striped square cabochon art bead is handmade by Natalie Fletcher of Peruzi and features a floral stencil design. I have set it on a brass filigree square which adds an ornate frame to the piece. The necklace is strung on red cord and brass chain and comprises yellow, orange and red faceted agate semi precious beads, with brass six-petal flowers and filigree bead caps.
I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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