Vintaj ‘Radiant Raven’ Challenge

This month’s Vintaj Design Challenge theme is “Radiant Raven”.  The raven has an extra-ordinate amount of lore and mythology surrounding it and it’s often contradictory. Whilst on the one hand, the raven is associated with bad luck and death, on the other hand it is revered as a bird of mysticism and magic.  For my design, I’ve chosen to focus on the raven as a good omen.

Radiant Raven earrings

My Radiant Raven earrings reveal the splendour of the raven — glossy black yet with magical blue-purple iridescent feathers. I have portrayed the raven as a good omen, as he flies towards the heavens…taking prayers to, and bringing back messages from the spiritual realm.

The large brass circles are embossed and covered with a rich and vibrant purple patina with hints of fuchsia and teal.  The raven circle is embossed from a Vintaj brass blank that has been painted black, the raven image has been purposely textured to mimic the bird’s feathers (you can see this clearly on the left-hand earring). These are attached to open brass circles which are wire-wrapped with Violet Miyuki beads and have a Swarovski Topaz AB2X crystal dangling from the centre.

Vintaj “Radiant Raven” October 2012 Design Challenge.
Vote for your favourite design at the Vintaj blog.
Voting will be open from October 1 – midnight October 5.


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