ABS Challenge – October 2012

This month’s inspiration for the Art Bead Scene Challenge is a mesmerising piece by German artist, Kirt Schwitters. Entitled ‘Revolving’, it is a fragmented compilation of cord, hoops, wire mesh and other objects which are tacked to the painted canvas.  It is said to reflect a post-war society, shattered by World War I.

Revolving by Kirt Schwitters 1919

I was immediately drawn to the circular pattern and the colour palette, which is very soothing.

My design for this challenge, is a pair of earrings which use handmade teal coloured ceramic beads made by Natalie Fletcher of Peruzi. I have matched these with embossed brass rectangles with a circular pattern and a ‘sploshy’ (is that a word?) colour of blues and greens.

Check out the other entries in this month’s Art Bead Scene Challenge, by going to the group’s Flickr page.



  1. perfect interpretation of the painting… i just love them!

  2. Great job! I love your brighter interpretation of the painting. Your brass pieces are lovely, and set off the beads wonderfully.

  3. I loved this painting when I saw it. I didn’t have time to participate this month, but I just love, love how you interpreted it. The color pairings and the contemporary feeling are fabulous!

  4. Linda Amezquita · · Reply

    I think you translated the spirit of the painting beautifully!

  5. Love them. Did you emboss and patina the brass yourself?

    1. Thanks, and yes I did emboss and patina the brass rectangles.

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