History Hop Challenge

I’ve always been inspired by history, so this month I jumped at the chance to participate in the Beady Eyed Bunny’s History Hop. There were 13 possible historical periods to choose from; from Ancient Egypt to the Art Deco inspired designs of the 1920s and 30s. I chose the Victorian period; jewellery designs during the time of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1937 to 1901.

Queen Victoria enjoyed all types of jewellery but she was especially fond of cameos and was largely responsible for their increased popularity during her reign. When Prince Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria mourned his death for the rest of her life. She wore black clothing and jewellery, including black cameos which were created for her. Other Victorian women who spent many years in mourning, followed the Queen’s example, by choosing mourning cameos.

Portrait of Queen Victoria wearing a ‘mourning cameo’.

My first Victorian inspired design is a black and ivory cameo brooch, which I have edged with size 11 and size 15 seeds beads in black and various shades of cream, beige and ivory.

HistoryHop-Victorian Cameo Brooch-600x600

My second design features two Wedgwood blue and white coloured cameos, which I have edged with size 11 and size 15 seeds beads in two shades of pale blue. The addition of sterling silver earring hooks, creates a pretty pair of Victorian inspired earrings.

HistoryHop-Victorian Cameo Earrings-600x600

 Now, it’s time to hop along and check out what historical time periods the other participants were inspired by and see what jewellery designs they have created. You can find the full list of participants for this History Hop on the Beady Eyed Bunny’s blog.



  1. I love cameos! and the beading around them is inspired. Beautiful pieces.

  2. Pretty pieces, and I love the seed beading around the cameos!

  3. (That Queen Victoria doll is a bit creepy…) I love the contrasting finished you choice on your seed beads – the pearly and the more solid color. Lovely touch to accent a nice piece!

  4. I never really understood the fascination with a Cameo before but do now and I love what you have done with them.Love and hugs Tanya

  5. Those are just wonderful. I love the bezel you did on the pendant. The black and white is perfect for the cameo. The blue bezel is perfect for the earrings.

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the cameos–especially the blue ones.

  7. Beti Horvath · · Reply

    Cameos are the embodiment of Victorian jewelry, I think great choice!

  8. Beautiful work, I especially love the earrings pair!

  9. great work done on the cameos, I like the first one withe contrasting black and white. ^.^

  10. Beautiful cameos, and your seed bead work is awesome!

  11. Lovely work! Your intricate beading is stunning and shows off the cameos beautifully. Glad you joined in – thank you!

  12. Alicia@AllPrettyThings · · Reply

    Lovely work you did on the cameos, they capture the spirit of the era perfectly.

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