ABS Challenge – November 2012

Over at the Art Bead Scene blog this month, the challenge picture is a black and white piece of lithograph art by Dutch graphic artist, Maurits Escher.

Three Worlds depicts a large pool or lake during the autumn or winter months, the title referring to the three visible perspectives in the picture: the surface of the water on which leaves float, the world above the surface, observable by the water’s reflection of the forest, and the world below the surface, observable in the large fish swimming just below the water’s surface.

Three Worlds, 1955 by M C Escher

Whilst I must admit that this art hasn’t inspired me as much as some of the other challenges on the ABS blog recently, I was nonetheless drawn to the three worlds depicted within it and was inspired to come up with my own Three Worlds bracelet design using a handmade art bead by Queensland bead artist, Deb Lewis.

My bracelet comprises three large beads to represent the three worlds. From left to right:

  1. the black faceted agate bead represents the surface of the lake – dark and shadowy with patches of light leaves;
  2. the central art bead represents the world above – reflecting the fine lines of the tree branches and subtle hints of the blue sky and red autumn leaves;
  3. the black hollow oval represents the large fish beneath the water’s surface, the faceted sterling silver beads running through the middle are his scales.

I have also included a Hill Tribe Silver leaf charm to acknowledge the leafy theme, and have finished my bracelet with a multi-link chunky silver chain, and a textured toggle clasp.  The beaded half of the bracelet is strung on heavy gauge wire which creates more of a cuff style bracelet.

Check out the other entries in this month’s Art Bead Scene Challenge, by going to the group’s Flickr page.


One comment

  1. Love this design Miss Tracy! And your header on your blog is fantastic too! I am glad you joined us even though it was outside of your comfort zone. I would wear this with everything! Enjoy the day. Erin

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