BJP June 2013

Life has been pretty busy lately…which means I’m running behind on my BJP goddess dolls. During June, I was drawn to these rich meditative blues, the focal cabochon is a polymer clay creation which I find very soothing and calming. I have named her Indigo.

“Indigo” – June 2013

“Indigo” – June 2013 (side view)



  1. Your so right. Where did June and July go to? The world seems to be spinning too fast at the moment. It’s lovely to have time to begin to catch up with everyones latest projects. Love the muted colours of this one which seems very calming.

  2. She is lovely…very serene!

  3. Indigo, you are a veritable beauty! Even your tummy is a pleasure to look at, which can’t be said of all tummies. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sabine…I was mesmerised by her tummy cab too 🙂

  4. Lovely.
    I can picture your design in gold tones

    1. Thanks Velia…a gold version is a distinct possibility.

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