BJP January 2014

This year I’m once again participating in Robin Atkin’s Bead Journal Project. The hardest decision for 2014 was choosing my theme or shape.  Initially, I thought I’d work with abstract squares, then it was butterflies, then I decided upon a series of shapes that would create a coiled snake, then retro inspired owls and finally I’ve turned to birds.  Each month, I’ll bead embroider a bird shape to represent what’s going on in my life or what I’m thinking about or inspired by at that point in time.

JANUARY: long hot summer days, endless sunshine, sandy beaches, blue skies, ocean waves and inviting swimming pools.


BEADS USED: Size 15 Miyuki seed beads in opaque chalk white, opaque chocolate, matte opaque mustard, opaque yellow, opaque yellow AB, lined daffodil ceylon, silver lined teal, green/aqua ceylon.



  1. What a cheerful, beautiful bird. Have you put this on the facebook page? I don’t remember seeing it (but then again I don’t check the site every day either)

  2. vem030956 · · Reply

    Lovely! Very spring looking…great to see while the weather all around us is so dreary and cold and lots of snow!

    1. Thanks, it’s summer here in Australia so we have sun, heat and soaring temperatures.

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