Bead Soup Reveal

For the latest Bead Soup Blog Party I was partnered with fellow Australian Ren (aka Erin) Guest. Interestingly, we both like designing eclectic pieces and are big fans of ceramic bead artist Natalie Fletcher from Peruzi. So, it was hardly surprising that we sent each other some of our favourite Peruzi beads and focals.  Here’s the soup I received from Ren – it’s bright, colourful and and although not my usual colours –  I just love it.

Bead Soup - Bead Trilogy

My first plan for this soup was a wire-wrapped chain necklace, which was working well until I had an oopsie moment and chipped the green focal bead.  A few expletives and a glass of wine later, I moved onto plan B, which involved using the toggle round as my focal bead. Here’s what I came up with:

Bead Soup - Necklace

That just left the green clay rondell beads, which I paired with some delicate brass filigree flowers to create a pair of earrings. Green is my favourite colour – so I think I’ll end up wearing these to death.

Bead Soup Earrings

Now it’s time to check out Ren’s blog and see what she made with the soup that I sent her:

Bead Soup - Erin Guest

Don’t forget to visit Lori’s blog for the complete list of Bead Soup Blog Party participants. Happy Hopping!

P.S. My apologies if I don’t get to visit everyone’s blog and comment on your soups this weekend – I’m flying to the US today for 2 weeks holiday.



  1. tesoritrovati4800 · · Reply

    That is so awesome that you both ended up sending your favorite bead artist, and it was the same one! I love the colors of the soup you received. Because the value on the colors is more muted it feels very soft and soothing to me. What a great way to extend the beads by knotting them on the cord! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. I don’t see many jewelry pieces with orange beads in them, and after seeing yours I wonder why that is so. You used your bead soup in the best possible way (what a great soup you were given), and I truly appreciate the necklace design and color combination. You’ve inspired me to look at orange in a new way! So well done.

  3. A beautiful knotted necklace and so inventive to use the clasp as a focal! It looks like it belongs there. I love everything about it – the colors, the arrangement & the choice of beads.

  4. Great Soup, great jewellery in happy happy colours. Such a playful designed necklace, so good it’s almost summer! It looks lovely on a white shirt, I think (-:

  5. Gorgeous plan B! I love your soup and what you did with it. Just beautiful!

  6. A touch of color!

  7. You recieved an awesome soup, I love what you did with it, especially the use of the waxed linen cord and how you attached it to the focal.

  8. My mood instantly lifted at seeing your designs! What bright and happy pieces. I love that you used that clasp as your focal.

  9. What a sunny soup! Well done!

  10. I really love the brightness of the necklace you created. It just seems so happy and perfect for summer. And those earrings; delicate beauties!

  11. Debra Gibson · · Reply

    Very cool and fun spring like freshness to your pieces! Love!

  12. Beautiful pieces. I love the bright colours and the way you used the focal. Great work!

  13. Robin Kae Reed · · Reply

    I love the design! I think you did a great job and I love the movement and flow of this necklace. The earrings are really cool!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  14. […] Tracy Stillman                                       Bead Trilogy […]

  15. Oh my goodness – I LOVE your first piece! What did you use for the stringing material? I love the style of this piece and am desperate to try my own!

    Linda A.

  16. I love how you used the clasp as the focal. I’m sad that you chipped the first focal. Your bead soup cooked to perfection!!

  17. Great colours, creative designs-love the fabric used as a rope!

  18. Wow! what stunning colours these pieces are just gorgeous, I love the necklace beautiful.

  19. Lovely necklace and earrings. Great rescue for the focal, such a pity the green one got chipped.

  20. Looove that necklace, just in my colors!!! So happy and summery!! The earrings are cute as well.

  21. Ewe La La, what amazing colors, so bright and cheery. A summer’s dream! I love the way you brought your soup all together, very very lovely!!!

  22. Amazing job!! Really love every single piece!! 🙂

  23. I love your beautiful jewelry, you have made a good use of your soup.

  24. The green flower earrings are fantastic!

  25. Tracy I really like your necklace. It is not my usual style but it appeals to me a lot. The clasp ring made a good focal. I would wear those green earrings to death too.

  26. So sorry to hear about chipping the focal. But I’m sure you can figure another way to use it. Your necklace using the clasp part of the toggle clasp is great. Love all the color in it. And the earrings are so cute. Very ‘go to’ earrings.

  27. What a bright and bold colour palette.

  28. Love the colors and the whimsicality of it/ Great job!

  29. I love the colors and how you knotted the focal – beautiful!

  30. Your necklace turned out awesome. Orange and purple is one of my favorite color combos. Bummer about you green focal 😦 Gotta go check out Peruzi now. Great stuff.

  31. Beautiful summery piece! Nice job with your soup.

  32. Absolutely gorgeous necklace Tracy, shows off Nat’s beads perfectly.

  33. kokopelli79 · · Reply

    What a freaking awesome soup! I love the colors and you made the perfect pieces.

  34. Ahhhh – charming soup, Tracy. The necklace is just perfect for a hot summer evening – full of joie de vivre! Now I’ve to take a look, what your partner did with that amazing soup you sent her!

  35. apolymerpenchant · · Reply

    How beautiful! Nice save, wine makes us better designers at times 🙂 Hope you have a lovely holiday

  36. what a great soup! I really like that hot summer necklace! Muy caliente! And it looks so lightweight and easy to wear in the warm summer weather. Those earrings are fun also

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