BJP January 2015

In my first year of the Bead Journal Project I focused on Goddess dolls, and last year I designed sweet little birds. This year, rather than choosing one shape or style I plan to focus on art that inspires me and create something based on these.

‘Inspired by Art’ doesn’t mean that I’ll be replicating a piece of artwork through bead embroidery, but I will let the images, colours and style inspire a piece of jewellery or non-wearable art. This creative freedom should help me maintain momentum throughout 2015, and encourage me to design something every 1-2 months. That’s the plan anyway!

For January, I’ve created a sunflower inspired brooch. Can you guess which famous painting inspired me? (scroll down to find out)

January-Sunflower Brooch

This brooch includes a ceramic cabochon centre made by Australian bead artist Peruzi, Czech glass beads, and Miyuki seed beads.

I love the texture in this piece, you can see the detail and bead layering in the close up.

January - Sunflower Brooch - Close Up

Inspired by: Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (1888)

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh



  1. I love your beaded art! And what a wonderful way to interpret what inspires you!

  2. Linda K. Newcomb · · Reply

    Stunning. I plan on doing a sunflower later this year.

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