BSBP 2017 – Bead Hoarders edition

I’m delighted to be participating in Lori’s come-back BSBP ‘Bead Hoarders’ blog hop.

I was partnered with the lovely Jackie Ryan from KYDO Jewellery in the UK.  Jackie says she can’t recall where she purchased this focal bead from, but it was a US based flamework bead artist, and the gold foil is 24 ct. If anyone recognises the artist, leave me a comment below – I’d love to know.

Would you believe it, but in my haste to start designing I completely forgot to take a before photo of this focal bead… oops.  Anyway, it has a pendant hole towards the top (now covered by a black beaded triangle) and it appeared a more vibrant orange shade before I added the bead embroidery border.

I tend to wear a lot of black and lately brooches are my go-to jewellery accessory so I decided to turn this stunning orange pendant into a brooch, and no doubt I’ll wear it to-death (in a nice way of course).  If you look closely at the gold foil design you’ll see that it depicts three men on horseback with a few dogs running alongside them… it really is a work of art!

The finished pendant is approximately 8 cms (3 inches) long, so it’s a large statement piece. I’ve used a mix of  Miyuki seeds beads, in sizes 11 and 15 to bead around the pendant in colours including black, charcoal, gold, burnt orange, and pumpkin. The back is finished with black ultra suede and a brooch pin.

BSBP 2017 - Bead Hoarders edition.png

To see the other participants in this month’s BSBP ‘Bead Hoarders’ blog hop go to Lori’s blog, Pretty Things.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Bobbie Rafferty · · Reply

    Beautiful design choices, and beautiful final product – what fun this will be to wear and enjoy!

  2. joyce becker · · Reply

    Wow, a broach. How unique and beautifully made. A seed bead goddess. Great job on your soup.

  3. Elizabeth Bunn · · Reply

    Fabulous piece!

  4. Oh wow! What a different and lovely take on this challenge. You highlighted the bead so well and really let it shine!

  5. I think it may be by Sandra Miller? If so, I have about six pieces of hers. You did an amazing job with it!

  6. This is gorgeous! You beadwork is fabulous, and you did right by this very special bead!

  7. Carrie Stalcup · · Reply

    Oh wow, that is one stunning bead! I love the brooch you designed around it, your work sets it off beautifully!

  8. What a beautiful brooch!!
    I love the colors on your bead embroidery.

  9. I love that you made a brooch, it will get more use than a pendant – it is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Stunning brooch! A true treasure!

  11. CJ Bauschka · · Reply

    Wow that focal bead is amazing. And the way you beaded around it and your colors have enhanced it all the more. I’m just adoring that bead a lot!!!

  12. I love that you made a brooch! It’s so beautiful!

  13. Terri Del Signore · · Reply

    What a beautiful broach!!

  14. Janeen Burlingame · · Reply

    What a stunning statement piece. Lovely beadweaving to frame the mini piece of art.
    Janeen Burlingame

  15. O my goodness… such a fab piece… I can totally see this with a suit! Thank you for sharing your work..

  16. absolutely stunning seed bead bezeling!

  17. Wow! beautiful work!

  18. I love your brooch….your beaded bezel is gorgeous, and the colors are perfect. Enjoy wearing it-I sure would!!!

  19. Kathy Edgell · · Reply

    Hi Tracy,

    I don’t remember how I got on this new post but please do keep me on it.

    That is truly a lovely bead; I’m forwarding this to a wonderful bead artist here in the Seattle area called Isis Ray. She knows a lot of bead folks and may recognize it. Sure has a western look.

    Kathy Edgell

  20. Oh, that is fun. I feel like I could stare at that for a long time. I’ve been wanting to try beadwork for some time now, and I think you just inspired me to get cracking on it. Lovely!

  21. Your brooch is wonderful. It certainly is an attention-getter. You did a great job bead embroidering it.

  22. You did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration with us.

  23. Just beautiful! I love brooches even though I never seem to wear them.

  24. Love to see a brooch, you did a great job! I am very drawn to the focal due to the horses, and this design showcases it so well.

  25. Elisabeth Matouschek · · Reply

    Wow – I believe that you will ware it to death – it is what I would do too 🙂 very fine work!

  26. Wow, what an amazing focal bead, and I love what you did with it – that brooch will definitely be an attention getter!

  27. That is amazing! I love that you turned the piece into a brooch. Beautiful bead work.

  28. Hello Tracy, Wow what a gorgeous brooch you have made with the bead I sent you and it makes an unusual shape good choice of colours too, I love wearing brooches but my bead as you will see I turned into a necklace focal.

  29. The bead you received is beautiful, and your bezel enhanced it perfectly. I love the choice of colors, and especially the dark seed beads along the bottom matching the dots on the big bead. I bet every time you wear it you will get loads of compliments!
    Liz at Bead Contagion

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