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BSBP 2017 – Bead Hoarders edition

I’m delighted to be participating in Lori’s come-back BSBP ‘Bead Hoarders’ blog hop. I was partnered with the lovely Jackie Ryan from KYDO Jewellery in the UK.  Jackie says she can’t recall where she purchased this focal bead from, but it was a US based flamework bead artist, and the gold foil is 24 ct. If anyone […]

OTTBS Challenge – January 2014

For their first challenge of 2014, the OTTBS group are challenging members to create something inspired by a famous painting. Inspired by ‘Starry Night’ I have created a simple cabochon necklace.

6th Do Over Challenge

Once again, I’m joining in Jeannie Dukic’s Do Over Challenge. Here’s how it works, in Jeannie’s words: “I will send you an old, tried, boring piece of my jewelry for free and you will work your magic and turn in into something beautiful and amazing.” The only rule is to try to use at least 50% of the Do Over piece in the new design.

Creating with Cabochons

This month I’m participating in Sally Russick’s ‘Creating with Cabochons’ challenge, which turned out to be the ‘gentle push’ I needed to try some new ways of working with and embellishing cabochons.

History Hop – Native American Maiden

This is my second History Hop Challenge — which challenges participants to create a piece of jewellery inspired by the style of, or using materials from that era. There were 17 historical periods to choose from this time around and I picked ‘Native American’.

ABS Challenge – April 2013

It’s been a few months since I’ve participated in an Art Bead Scene Challenge, but I was inspired by this months art — Claude Monet’s ‘Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil’.

Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge

In January, Tracy Statler from the Make Bracelets Blog set a healthy jewelry making challenge. It involves choosing a powerful word or phrase that is meaningful and incorporating it into a jewelry design to serve as a reminder to make a positive change in your life.

Lucite and Clay Blog Hop

We’re in the midst of a heatwave here in Australia, so I wanted to create a long necklace with a summery, fresh feel to it, but in colours that you might not usually associate with summer. See what I designed for the Lucite and Clay Blog Hop.

Vintaj ‘Northern Lights’ Challenge

My pendant necklace (named Aurora) is inspired by the many travel segments I have seen on the Northern Lights… I am lying in my glass domed igloo, looking skyward and completely entranced by the magical and mystical lights dancing across the winter skies.

OTTBS Challenge – January 2013

The OTTBS monthly challenge for January is to create something with the peacock inspired colour scheme of Purple, Blue, Green and Gold. I’ve designed two pairs of earrings which remind me of the peacock feather.