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OTTBS Challenge – January 2014

For their first challenge of 2014, the OTTBS group are challenging members to create something inspired by a famous painting. Inspired by ‘Starry Night’ I have created a simple cabochon necklace.


History Hop – Native American Maiden

This is my second History Hop Challenge — which challenges participants to create a piece of jewellery inspired by the style of, or using materials from that era. There were 17 historical periods to choose from this time around and I picked ‘Native American’.

OTTBS Challenge – December 2012

This stunning geometric design bracelet uses black Tila beads and size 11 metallic silver seed beads and is inspired by the festive party season.

OTTBS Challenge – November 2012

The OTTBS challenge this month combined the softer tones of grey or silver with the more subtle shades of pink. I always find pink to be a challenge, as it’s not really my colour.

Poppy – The Beaded Garden

The second book in the Bead Book and Bounce challenge set by the OTTBS group is Diane Fitzgerald’s ‘The Beaded Garden’ – a colourful book of beaded flowers. For this challenge, I chose the Poppy.. a flower that I’ve always liked.

OTTBS Challenge – September 2012

September’s challenge colours are green and gold, which incidentally, are very Australian… Our sports teams wear green and gold with pride when competing in international sporting events (such as the recent Olympics), and the green triangle and gold kangaroo of the Australian Made logo is often seen on shop shelves.  What I didn’t know, until […]

OTTBS Challenge – August 2012

This month’s OTTBS Monthly Challenge colours are blue and copper in celebration of blue skies and sunshine. My earrings use Swarovski bicones to represent the sparkle of the sunshine, with matte metallic copper seed beads and cobalt blue firepolished beads.

Inspired by Bead Romantique

Inspired by history but with a touch of contemporary style, Lisa Kan’s book is full of romantic yet sophisticated beadweaving designs. I took my inspiration from the V Scallop Necklace to come up with my bracelet design.

OTTBS Challenge – July 2012

The contrast of the rich bronze brown against the light pink and cream creates a distinctive triangular pattern in the bracelet design which is strikingly effective.

Challenge of Literature – Angel in the Rubble

Trapped under concrete and steel with her right hand pinned under her body and legs crushed beneath a steel beam, Genelle extended her left hand into the sliver of open space above her and found the strength to pray…